Abingdon Area Archaeology and History Society


The Committee — who are they, and who does what?


Committee May 2017s

 Left to right: John Foreman, Elizabeth Drury, Hubert Zawadzki, Jeff Wallis. Francesca Zawadzki, Wendy Robins, Jackie Smith, Bob Evans
Front Row: Manfred Brod with Sandy
Absent: Bob Frampton, Andrew Steele


John Foreman: Chairman/Local History/Lectures/Publicity                                                   To contact, click here

John has been a member of AAAHS for some years and was a keen researcher into Abingdon’s past even before he moved here from Oxford. His interests are Victorian and Edwardian social history and the development of Abingdon’s Thames frontage.


Tim Barnett: Secretary                                                                                                                          To contact, click here


Andrew Steele: Treasurer                                                                                                                     To contact, click here


Andrew has been a member of AAAHS since around 1995 and has previously been Treasurer from 2010 -  2016. His interests are family history, photography, and the history of Culham village


Andrew Steele: Acting Membership  Secretary                                                                                To contact, click here


Jeff Wallis: Digging                                                                                                                                        To contact, click here


Jeff is an archaeological fineline illustrator and silversmith/jeweller involved in part time teaching and producing a range of replica-archaeological metalwork. Currently he is researching Bronze Age metalwork from a technical standpoint. His particular interest is studying and illustrating Palaeolithic artefacts and he has contributed illustrations for specialist reports on lithic subjects.


Roger Thomas: AAAHS@50                                                                                                                  To contact, click here


Jackie Smith: Archives                                                                                                                                 To contact, click here

Jackie is honorary archivist for the AAAHS and other local bodies. She has been an active AAAHS member since 1969, and has written on Abingdon pubs and 17th century poor relief among other topics. Her main current interest is in the creation of Albert Park and the development of working class housing.


Anne Dodd                                                                                                                                                   To contact, click here

Anne is a member of the Corporate Management Team of Oxford Archaeology (OA), with particular responsibility for communications and training. Since 2012 Anne has also worked for OUDCE (Rewley House), where she runs the programme of courses and workshops in the historic environment and teaches on the Archaeology Certificate and Diploma courses.


Valeria Cambule: Publicity                                                                                                                    To contact, click here

Elizabeth Drury: Outings                                                                                                                        To contact, click here

 Wendy Robbins

Wendy assists the members of the Committee in their various roles.


Bob Frampton: Hospitalty Co-ordinator                                                                                          To contact, click here
Bob is a retired law teacher and now writes books on aspects of Abingdon's history.


Functions without Committee Membership
Webmaster: Mary Haynes                                                                                                                             To contact, click here

Town Planning: Tim Barnett                                                                                                                            To contact, click here


If you are able to help the running of this Society by helping with just one of these jobs, or would like to know more – no commitment – then please contact any member of the Committee. You will be greatly welcomed!

Contact committee members through the website, or email to: info@aaahs.org.uk