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A wealth of additional information is available in the Abingdon Buildings and People section of the  Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council website. Those pages are the responsibility of the Abingdon Buildings and People group, which is part of the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society (AAAHS).


A day in the life of Roger Amyce. By Manfred Brod
Christopher Assheton and the resistance to Queen Mary. By Manfred Brod
Dick Barnes. By Jackie Smith
(A legend in his own time, Dick Barnes has been awarded the British Empire Medal in the [2017] New Years Honours List)
Charles Alfred Butler alias James Jones. By Sue Matthews
Thomas Clarges. By Manfred Brod
Saint Edmund of Abingdon. By Manfred Brod
Henry Langley. By Manfred Brod
Edward John Mott VC. By Brian Bray
Henry Neville. By Manfred Brod
Edith Claude Reynolds née Dandys, Abingdon's first woman councillor. By Jackie Smith
Oliver Sansom. By Manfred Brod
J. F. Spenlove. By Nigel Hammond
Thomas Trapham. By Manfred Brod
Edmund Warcup. By Manfred Brod