Abingdon Area Archaeology and History Society

AAAHS@50 Fifty years of AAAHS (1968 - 2018)

In 2018, Abingdon’s archaeological society celebrated its 50th anniversary. An exhibition about the Society and its work was held in Abingdon Museum to mark the occasion. 

Below, you can see four panels from the exhibition, illustrating different aspects of the archaeology of Abingdon. Click on each panel for a high-resolution image.

Abingdon has an extremely rich archaeological heritage, reaching back to the first hunter-gatherers in the area around 200,000 years ago. The panels look at four different topics, each reflecting excavations and discoveries by the Society.

A feature article about the archaeology of Abingdon can be found here [https://www.abingdon.gov.uk/feature-articles/archaeology-abingdon]

2 Prehistoric monuments 80 ppi

Early Hunter Gatherers in Abingdon

3 Thrupp 80 ppi

4 Medieval Abingdon 85 ppi

2 Prehistoric monuments 80 ppi