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Ock Street

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The long and intriguing Ock Street with its varying widths runs westwards from the Square, finally turning South over Ock Bridge. It contains a number of buildings of architectural note, which housed a number of important people and businesses. Links to documents providing more information are given below.


A History of Ock Street to 1835 by Manfred Brod
Part 1. A Narrative History
Part 2. A study of Leases for Corporation Properties

Abingdon Listed Buildings from Ock Street and The Square

Ock Street Listed Buildings
Introduction by Dick Barnes
Ock Street North (1947 provisional + 1951 statutory lists)
Ock Street South (1947 provisional + 1951 statutory lists)
Ock Street North (1971)
Ock Street South (1971)
Tomkins Almshouses by R C M (Dick) Barnes

Abingdon Baptist Church by Michael G Hambleton

The Lamb Inn by Manfred Brod

Memories of Ock Street by Jeanette Colgan

Abingdon Monumental Works by Sue Peyman-Stroud

A Short History of Morland Brewers

Carswell Fountain by Jackie Hudson

88 Ock Street

Joseph Argyll by Sandra Lewis

Charlotte Cox: A Crimean War Nurse from Ock Street (By Anne Smithson with an illustration by Marjorie Stephen)

Where the artist William Watkin Waite lived in Ock Street by Jessica Brod 

Ock Street Morris
The Hemmings Family (From Berkshire Family History 1991)
Newspaper References up to 1899
Newspaper References from 1900