A Bibliography of Local History for





This is a four-part bibliography intended as a tool for those researching Abingdon's local history.  It was assembled following an idea put forward by  the Local History Group of the Abingdon AreaArchaeological and Historical Society.  The  project is experimental: a complete collection would be far bigger than the one below. The bibliography  includes many references extracted from OLIS, (OxfordUniversity Libraries Information System), the property of the University of Oxford, which reserves database rights in them.  Suggestions for further items would be most welcome. 

 Visit the bibliography by clicking  below.  The references are in title order.

NB: Some entries are extracted  from W H Richardson's book A Short Bibliography of Abingdon (1902)  which was kindly donated by Michael Hocken.  These entries are quoted word-for-word and are in italic. Sometimes they do not name the publisher.


Part 1, A-F Part 2, G-K Part 3, L-R Part 4, S-Z