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A collection of decisions in the courts for revising the lists of electors : for the counties of Berks, the eastern and western divisions of Gloucestershire, Middlesex, the eastern and western divisions of Kent, the northern division of Staffordshire, the eastern division of Surrey, and Warwickshire : the cities of London and Westminster : and the boroughs of Abingdon, Bedford, Birmingham, Chichester, Finsbury, Greenwich, Harwich, Lambeth, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Marlow, Marylebone, Petersfield, Reading, Southwark, Stafford, Stoke-Upon-Trent, and the Tower hamlets : together with some of the resolutions of the Committees of the House of Commons. DeLane, W. F. A. (1834). London, Henry Butterworth.

The complaining testimony of some ... of Sions children in this day of their sore calamity; : occasioned at their meeting to seek the Lord at Abingdon in Barkeshire [after the funeral of their late minister John Pendarves], the second day of the eighth month, 1656. : Being a short narrative of the inhumane dealings of some officers and souldiers, who said, they had order from their Lord for so doing. Abingdon (1656).

Conference facilities in the Thames and Chilterns. Thames and Chilterns Tourist Board (1983). Abingdon, [s.n.].

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Contact : general programme. Abingdon Baptist Church (1986). [Abingdon], [Abingdon Baptist Church].

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The copy of the poll for knights of the shire for the county of Berks, taken at Abingdon, on Wednesday and Thursday the 30th and 31st days of March, and on Friday the 1st of April, 1768, before William Price, Esq; sheriff. The candidates being Arthur Vansittart, Thomas Craven, and John Stone. Berkshire (England) (1768). Reading, printed and sold by J. Carnan and Co.; sold also by Messrs. Newbery and Carnan London; by the booksellers in Oxford and Berkshire; and by the men who distribute the Reading Mercury.

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Cromerian interglacial deposits at Sugworth, near Oxford, England, and their relation to the plateau drift of the Cotswolds and the terrace sequence of the upper and middle Thames. Shotton, F. W., A. S. Goudie, et al. (1980).
Excavation for the Abingdon bypass revealed at Sugworth, SW of Oxford, a dissected terrace, the Sugworth Bench, covered by a pebbly clay resembling the 'Plateau Drift' or 'Northern Drift' of the Cotswolds. This rested on Kimmeridge Clay of upon a number of sand and gravel-filled channels cut into the Kimmeridge Clay. These channels are considered to be ancient meanders of an old River Thames with a flow probably seven times that of the present river. One of these channels provided a fauna and flora that indicate a Comerian IIIb age. Correlation is attempted with the pre-Boyn Hill terraces and summit deposits of the Thames below the Goring Gap. -from Authors.

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Directory of Berkshire: see under Pigot's.

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Dogs stolen. Stolen out of a yard belonging to Mr. Benjamin Tomkins, in the Ock-Street, in Abingdon Berks, on Friday night the 15th of this instant, two large pointing dogs, ... Topper: ... and ... Pompey. Tomkins, B. (1768). [Oxford?,.

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English Monastic Archives (Abingdon). This is a considerable compendium covering cartularies, charters, chronicles, customaries, court rolls, manorial accounts entails, surveys & extents, letterbooks & registers, a relics list, the lives of abbots, obedientiaries' accounts, obits, calendars with obits, deeds of surrender, a bibliography and seals.
History Department of University College, London and published on the Web at English Monastic Archives  (Follow History Dept link to Research Projects link then a further link to English Monastic Archives).

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[Another source quotes 1724] Abingdon (England) (1734). [Reading?,.

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The excavation of an oval barrow beside the Abingdon causewayed enclosure, Oxfordshire.
Bradley, R. (1992).
The excavation of an oval crop mark close to the Abingdon causewayed enclosure showed a complex sequence of development, starting with a rectangular ditched enclosure and most probably ending with an oval barrow of a type with parallels elsewhere in lowland England. The site included the grave of two individuals associated with a polished knife, a belt slider and most probably a leaf shaped arrowhead, and produced a series of radiocarbon dates extending from the earlier to the later Neolithic. A number of formal-deposits around one end of the site are matched by similar material from the inner ditch of the causewayed enclosure, suggesting a direct link between the two monuments. -Author

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Excavations - also see Small and Further

An exhortation to peace, loyalty, and the support of government. Addressed to a congregation of Protestant Dissenters, in Abingdon Berks, at the close of a sermon preached in the morning of the Lord's day, December 9, 1792. ... By Daniel Turner, M.A. Turner, D. (1793). Henley, printed and sold by G. Norton; sold also by J. Johnson and T. Knott London; and by W. Watts Abingdon Berks.

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Dept. of Educational Studies. (1988).

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Further scenes from Abingdon history.
Abingdon (1929). (Abingdon),.



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