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An organic channel-fill deposit in gravel and sand exposed at Thrupp House Farm quarry is described. The gravels and sands were laid down in a bed-load dominated river under a cold climate regime. Two radiocarbon dates of 13 260 and 13 580 BP indicate that the deposit accumulated during the Late Devensian substage. However, the abundance of certain members of the insect fauna, particularly Pycnoglypta lurida and Olophrum assimile suggest that the deposits may date from the latter half of the Windermere Interstadial, ie the C"SUP 14" dates may be 1000 yr too old. The discrepancy is attributed to in-washed, older carbonaceous material. This is supported by the find of Pinus bark, radiocarbon-dated at 47 700 BP. The relation of the sediments to those previously described from the Floodplain gravels of the upper Thames Valley is discussed and their significance in dating the terrace aggradation within the Thames Valley as a whole is considered.

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The Lord Digbies designe to betray Abingdon. Carryed on for divers weeks by an intercourse of letters. Which are here published for the satisfaction of all men, by Sergeant Major Generall Brown. Together with the cipher which the Lord Digby sent him for that purpose. Browne, R. (1644). London, Laurence Blacklock.

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http://www.wantage.com/museum/Local_History/ Medieval%20Bridges%20in%20Oxfordshire.pdf

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