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Dr Simon Wenham: More than three men in a boat: the rise and fall of Pleasure Boating on the Thames 

Lady punting

The Victorian period is often described as the ‘golden age of the Thames’, as it was during this time that the river was transformed into a vast conduit of leisure. It was the era of steam launch trips, Venetian fairs, regattas, picnics, carnivals and ‘three men in a boat’. This talk covers more than 150 years of pleasure boating and shows why some common perceptions about the river’s history are misleading.

Dr Simon Wenham
Dr Simon Wenham is a member of the part-time tutor panel of Oxford University’s Continuing Education Department where he teaches courses on the Victorian period. His doctoral research at the University of Oxford was on the history of Salter Bros Ltd, an Oxford-based Thames boat firm. The thesis was turned into the book Pleasure Boating on the Thames: a History of Salter Bros 1858 – Present Day. Simon is on the Scientific Committee of the ‘European Rivers and Towns‘ initiative and he is currently working on further writing projects, having recently produced an academic article on the history of camping (for Oxoniensia) and a number of popular-level articles, including one on the Oxford suffragettes (for Limited Edition).

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