Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society

The Local History Group 

35 Ock Street pictureThe Local History Group provides a forum and meeting point for members with a particular interest in the local history of Abingdon and its region. 

There are three meetings during the year, starting on February, with subsequent meetings in May, and October. At each meeting, one or two members give short presentations on their current research, which are discussed. Tea and coffee are provided, and there is usually ample opportunity for socialising and informal talk on historical subjects. 

There are also sub-groups which form from time to time for specific purposes. One that is currently active is the Abingdon Buildings and People group, which manages the Abingdon historical website, http://www.abingdon.gov.uk/partners/history

Meetings are on Tuesday evenings, 7.45 pm, in the Pendarvis room at 35 Ock Street. For the subjects of the next meeting, WATCH THIS SPACE.

We welcome anyone with a question about Abingdon local history as we usually have a knowledgeable audience who can answer them. There is also the opportunity to share anything you have done about Abingdon or the surrounding area with those present.

Please let me know so that I can make sure we allocate you some time.

 All AAAHS Members and guests are welcome. For further information contact local@aaahs.org.uk

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Next Local History Group meeting:

This is usually held on a Tuesday in the Pendarvis Room  at 35 Ock Street, Abingdon, starting at 7.45.

The next meeting is expected to be in February 2018. Further details will follow.

I do tend to have a casual approach to organising these meetings along the lines of “if you build it, they will come.” Much to my relief (and many others) that usually happens, but it is often the same people who come along with their observations, work or questions about Abingdon and our near neighbours. Not that there was anything wrong with that, and a thank you to them, but it would be good if we had some fresh input. That means you! If you have any questions about Abingdon’s past, where you live, what used to be where do bring it along. It might help if you let me know what it is beforehand so the query can be circulated so the experts can check their research, but not essential. If you have done any research into anything that may fit into the “Local” heading we are interested in that. If we do not get enough content I may have to show a bit more research into the Turner painting of Swift Ditch. You have been warned. Please get involved!

Do come if you are able,

John Foreman

Contact me at local@aaahs.org

AAAHS Local History Group convenor.


Last Meeting

The February 2017 meeting once more had Bob Frampton as the star attraction, and he did indeed attract a lot of people. The number was somewhere in the mid-twenties, which must be the best ever by a margin. What brought them in was Bob’s account of the MG factory from the workers’ point of view. The piece I remember was the good lady accosting a tramp-like character wandering round her workshop who introduced himself charmingly as Mr Morris. Then I came in again (this begins to sound like a double act, but it really isn’t) explaining the why and wherefore of a kerfuffle about the communion table at St Nics in 1628. John had a theory about where Turner stood when he made his watercolour painting of Abingdon in 1804, and Elizabeth Drury showed a film of the Morland Brewery before it closed, but the point was a bit lost because we couldn’t get the sound system to work and the talking heads remained silent.